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Why You Should Hire a Professional Commercial Painter

  • Hire a Professional Commercial Painter. Are you a business owner or property manager? If so, you know that maintaining your property is important. It can also be expensive, so you may consider tackling some of it yourself, or hiring a friend or family member to do it. You may want to think twice before doing that, especially with painting.

    Okay, so you’ve done some painting on your home. Maybe you painted the kitchen or bathroom and feel you’ve done a decent job. But you need to consider the larger effect of a DIY paint job on your office building, warehouse, rental or other commercial property. Painting mistakes made on commercial properties can have a greater impact than those experienced in your home.

    5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Commercial Painter

    Let’s look at some valid factors that affect your decision on whether to hire a professional commercial painter or tackle the job yourself.

    1.   Cost

    You’re probably thinking that you’ll save money by doing the job yourself. But you need to consider other factors, like the cost of materials and tools. You need items like paint, rollers, brushes, trays, buckets, drop cloths, paint sprayers, caulk, tape and a myriad of other necessities.

    You should also buy and use protective and safety gear for any paint job. Masks, coveralls, gloves—these and more can keep you clean and shielded from noxious fumes and paint stains.

    The biggest cost could actually be the loss of business during the painting process. Who’s running the business while you’re doing the painting? Will you have to close down during the process? Professional painters know how to cordon off sections being painted so business can proceed with minimal disruption. You’ll be able to concentrate on your REAL job while they’re doing theirs.

    2.   Time

    As we noted in the Cost factor, your time is money. Your main job is to run the business and make a profit. Why would you put that on hold or in jeopardy by taking the time to paint the property? Or you may try to do the painting during off-hours when the business is closed. That means you’re sacrificing your leisure time. Wouldn’t you rather be spending that time with family or friends, doing more enjoyable activities?

    Professionals have experience in commercial painting, so the process goes much more smoothly. They are able to set up, prep, paint and clean up way faster than you could. That means your business can return to normal operations much more quickly than if an amateur plods away at it.

    3.   Results

    Let’s face it; usually, an amateur produces an amateur-looking job. Do you really want visitors or customers seeing a shoddy paint job and think that you don’t care enough to get the best outcome?

    It’s important to know the right way to do a commercial paint job. Proper preparation, like taping, caulking, sanding, and cleaning will affect the final product. If not done right, you’ll end up with streaks, missed spots, drips and paint where it doesn’t belong. If you don’t use the right type of paint for the surface, the results will suffer.

    Professional painters know the proper techniques to use in getting the highest quality end result. They have the proper tools and materials and know what to use on different surfaces. They are experts at choosing the right paint for the job. You’ll be able to tell that a professional painted it by the superior results.

    4.   Convenience

    If you’re trying to run a business, excess noise, mess and other disruptions can affect productivity, as well as disturb visitors or customers. Professional painting contractors know how to minimize the impact. They’ll cordon off the area to be painted, so fumes and noise are lessened.

    Painting can be a messy project and cleanup is a chore. Responsible professional painters will make sure that all moveable items are relocated outside the painting area. They will protect stationary furnishings, like carpets and floors, so the paint doesn’t ruin them. When they are finished, they will leave the area looking as it was before the project, with the added benefit of freshly painted walls.

    5.   Safety

    There are safety and health hazards in painting, especially commercial properties. Ladders or scaffolds are often required. Sometimes mold is present on surfaces and must be removed. Lead paint may exist in older homes. If you’re doing the painting yourself, these hazards can affect not only your health but your company’s bottom line. Who’s going to run the business if you’re injured or out with a related illness?

    Professional painting contractors are aware of these issues and come prepared with protective clothing and equipment. They are trained in the proper procedures and use of equipment to avoid injury and dangerous exposure. And, should someone get hurt or ill, they have the insurance to protect business or property owners from liability, should an injury occur on the job.

    So if you’re looking for commercial painting in St. Louis that’s done with creativity, care, and professionalism, schedule a consultation with Paintsmiths of Missouri.

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