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Refinishing Options for Concrete Floors

  • Refinishing Options for Concrete Floors. Remember what your concrete floors looked like when they were brand new? Have you recently moved into a commercial building in need of rehab? Are you working to make your facility safer and raise its property value? Concrete floor refurbishing is an often-overlooked process that can offer a serious return on investment.

    Many times, covering the concrete flooring with carpet or hardwood isn’t an option, especially in warehouses, distribution centers, or high-traffic buildings. Refinishing options have also come a long way and offer an attractive aesthetic for a modern look. For a new look, consider some of these strategies.

    Refinishing Options for Concrete Floors

    Painting: Concrete painting can be accomplished with many different paint systems, but typically epoxy paint is used. While it looks like traditional paint, it is faster drying, more durable, and resistant to moisture — acting as a sealant with high aesthetic value. It can be pigmented or colored with aggregates like marble, recycled glass, or even mother of pearl. Epoxy is virtually indestructible and ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities that require minimal maintenance. It’s also a great choice for decorative flooring installations.

    Sealing: Newly installed concrete flooring should always be sealed, but this is an important step to repeat every few years depending on the type of facility its in. Concrete is porous and sealant can protect flooring from elements, dirt, cleaning chemicals, and more. Sealant can be a basic clear coat, but it can also come in a variety of finishes and tints to leave a lasting impression.

    Refinishing Options for Concrete Floors

    Staining & Dying: While paint sits on top of concrete, stain and dye seep into the porous surface and permeate to create a look that’s quite different from other options. They offer a range of colors that can be mixed together to get the perfect hue. Stain and dye can cover up cracks, can’t be scratched or broken, won’t have to be replaced, and are much cheaper than carpet. They can be used inside or outdoors.

    Polishing: This is a finishing option that doesn’t require finishes or wax. Flooring professionals grinds the surface to a high-gloss finish and can be done on new or old concrete flooring. It’s cost-efficient, lower-maintenance, and easy to clean, something that’s ideal for healthcare and wellness facilities.

    Refinishing Options for Concrete Floors

    More Important Refinishing Factors

    While the cost of concrete refinishing varies on the options and colors you choose, the process can range from $1.50 to $12 per square foot. How long the process takes will also depend on the size of your facility and the approach you take to refinishing. Prepping concrete floors before refinishing is an important first step in the process. Because it’s a porous surface, moisture and grime can get trapped, and if it’s not fully removed before refinishing, the new surface may not be durable or last as long as intended.

    Because concrete refinishing is a complex and sometimes challenging process, it’s not a great DIY project. It’s also something that you want to outsource to a highly qualified and experienced contractor. Taking shortcuts will result in a lower-value and lower-quality finish. The wrong dyes or chemicals may produce a reaction that’s costly to repair, or may not adhere to the flooring and require frequent repair. Your contractor should also be able to work around your schedule to avoid disruptions for your business, employees, and customers.

    Floor refurbishing is an important service that is overlooked by many. Our services include floor staining, coating, and polishing for commercial, industrial, and high-end residential projects. We love reminding you what your floors USED to look like when they were brand new. Our team treats every project with professionalism and dedication to premium work at a competitive price and our work is high-quality and long-lasting.

    If you want your floors to look shiny and presentable, consider giving us a chance. Our services outlast our competitors by many years. We communicate well and listen attentively to your specific needs. We can even come in at night and on weekends to refinish your concrete flooring if it’s needed to help keep your team on task and productive. Get in touch today!

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