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3 Unexpected Benefits of Repainting Your Business

Benefits of Repainting Your Business
  • Benefits of Repainting Your Business. Running a business can feel like a juggling act. There’s a lot to keep in the air, and an awful lot that can go wrong. With so much on your plate, repainting might be the last thing on your mind. Stop and think about it, because a fresh coat of paint for your business — inside or out — does much more than beautify. The businesses served by SmithPro Commercial Painting have found some unexpected and welcome benefits of repainting their spaces. Some of them may surprise you.

    Cost Savings

    By definition, paint covers something. As it does so, it’s not just making it look better; it’s also providing a layer of protection against the elements, dirt and dust, traffic, and everyday wear and tear. Your paint takes a lot of punishment so that the underlying surfaces don’t have to. But even the best commercial paint job won’t last forever.

    Paint wears out over time, and when it does, it leaves the underlying surface vulnerable. Keeping your paint fresh will protect what lies beneath so you’re spending less on maintenance and repairs due to rust, rot, corrosion, and decay. If you’ve neglected a painted surface and there are already signs of wear, our extensive and careful surface prep will help restore the underlying structure so we’re not just painting over the problem — we’re fixing it.

    Increased Profit

    You only have one shot at a good first impression. Your customers and new hires are “interviewing” you, too, and the impression left by your building’s exterior painting and interior painting alike can make or break your reputation in their minds.

    Repainting is a reminder to people that you pay attention to the details when it comes to your business. It may not occur to people on a conscious level, but when done right it’s a reminder that you sweat the small stuff — and that’s the kind of business people trust with their hard-earned money.

    Psychological Benefits

    When used correctly, color can be one of the most powerful tools in a business’s kit. We respond to color on a primal level, which is why many businesses put so much time, effort, and money into getting seemingly small details like their logo and colorways just right. So how does that translate into paint and pigment?

    Small Business Trends points out that there’s a lot of psychology behind color. Bright colors make even smaller spaces look more expansive. Used correctly, color can calm, stimulate, spark creativity, boost productivity, and even save on your energy bills. Used incorrectly, it can slow productivity, cause stress, or — worst of all — send mixed messages. The color choices you make will be one of many ways you communicate your values to your employees and customers alike, guiding their behavior and decisions.


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