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Why Hire Union Painters?

  • If you’re looking for the right painters for your next home, commercial, or institutional project, the union painters at SmithPro Commercial Painting should be on your short list.

    Lower Cost

    This one seems counterintuitive. After all, haven’t we been told for decades that union labor just drives up prices? Don’t believe everything you hear. For one thing, our prices are highly competitive. For another, there’s a lot to be said for getting the job done right the first time.You’re not saving much, after all, if someone has to come in and fix what your “bargain” painter got wrong.

    More Experience

    Consider something else. You’re probably mindful of the kind of people you invite into your home. You wouldn’t just bring in any old person off the street. So why would you hire painters who could be sourcing the cheapest people they can find in Craigslist or at the local Home Depot parking lot?

    Better Safety

    Not only do our people know what they’re doing, they’re also licensed and insured. That means fewer liability headaches for you.

    Wider Range of Services

    That experience pays off in another way: we’re able to offer a range of specialty painting services, to a broader range of clients, that many of our competitors simply cannot match. That includes interior and exterior painting, glazing, marbling, taping, and much more!

    Ask Our Customers

    “Well, of course you’d say that,” you’re thinking. “You’re a union shop.”

    True enough. But here’s the rub: we’re not the only ones impressed with the quality of our work. Ask our thirty years’ worth of satisfied customers. Their testimonials say more about the quality of our work and the pride we take in each job than we could adequately express.

    You’re Not Just Hiring a Union

    It might seem obvious to the point of being silly, but you’re not hiring “the union.” You’re hiring SmithPro Commercial Painting, and we happen to (proudly) employ union labor. You’re hiring a business with a long history in, and deep ties to, the communities we serve. You’re hiring a family business that cares for its people and its customers alike. And perhaps most importantly, you’re hiring a company with a reputation to uphold.

    If you pool the experience of our front office alone, you’re looking at more than a century’s worth of experience. We won’t hire painters with less than seven years’ experience, and we employ a field staff of 30 — that’s another couple hundred years’ worth of skill. When your job matters, our experienced professional painters matter!

    For a consultation on your next painting job, contact SmithPro Commercial Painting. We serve the counties of St. Louis, Jefferson, and St. Charles Missouri, as well as the counties of Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair, Illinois from our location at 1612 Fairview Ave in St. Louis, MO.

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