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We obviously love paint, but there are other wallcovering options our customers can choose from.

If you want something more custom than simple paint, wall coverings are a great choice and can greatly enhance the look of your business. Adding texture, custom graphics or any of the new digital options available will upgrade the look of your space.

SmithPro Commercial Wallcovering

We keep mentioning how important the appearance of interior walls really are in regards to reputation and respect. Your walls are a reflection of you. Well-done creative wallcoverings can be a game changer.

For those of us in the business of applying wallcoverings, it takes a special skill set,  especially for owner-occupied spaces from hospitals to businesses of all kinds to remove existing wallcoverings and apply new wallcoverings correctly, fast, and efficiently. Our professional team is specially trained in this craft.

SmithPro Restaurant Wallpaper

At SmithPro Commercial Painting, we have been installing wallcoverings for decades. Like everything else we do, our customers trust our process.

  • We communicate well and respond to your special needs and schedule
  • We take professionalism, quality, and speed very seriously
  • We are DEDICATED to containing costs and providing competitive bids
  • We leave nothing behind but the paint or wallcoverings on the walls
  • We show up on time
  • We move everything for you and do all the prep (patching)
  • Once complete we put everything back, we are a service rather than just “painters”

What types of projects can you handle?

We can handle anything from a single office to multi-floor tenant buildings including all the walls, ceilings, and whatever else you want wall coverings on.

Wallcoverings we handle:

  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • Murals
  • Decals
  • Digital wall graphics
  • Di-noc by 3M
  • And more just ask...

What’s the process?

  • Initial meeting
  • Color and material options consultation
  • Competitive quote
  • Quote acceptance
  • Schedule it
  • Project happens
    1. Repair drywall
    2. Tenant content manipulation
      • Remove paintings
      • Move furniture
    3. Protect the space
    4. Install wallcoverings
    5. Everything returned to original places
    6. Project review & walkthrough


What are the options and suggested additional services?

We work together to choose and plan any specialty finishes or wallcoverings, in addition to paint you may desire. Popular examples: marker board material (dry erase board walls), minor drywall repair, vinyl base replacement, wall protection or corner guards

What equipment do you have to make the project go smoothly?

We use HEPA filters, dustless sanders, zero VOC products, lifts, scaffolding, and all appropriate professional tools.

We follow all industry safety guidelines and rules.

How many people are on the team?

We handle approximately 1,000 projects per year and a typical project takes 1 week. We have plenty of team members -- 30 full-time painters on staff -- to handle the increasing amount of work. Our average painter has been with us more than seven years.

How do you prevent unnecessary disruptions?

We work around your schedule! We can come in at night and weekends if it’s needed to help keep your team on task and productive.

What does it cost?

We are a union commercial shop, but that doesn’t mean the work is going to be more expensive. We are more professional and we are dedicated to higher-quality materials so the need for wall coverings is less frequent, but our prices are aggressive and competitive. Give us a call and find out.

What do we need from you?

We try and make all our jobs as painless as possible for our partner customers, but we do need your help moving small items, personal items, electronics and any paperwork so we can handle the big stuff with no issues.

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