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Your Perfect Farmhouse Palette

Perfect Farmhouse Palette
  • Perfect Farmhouse Palette. Farmhouse style never quite goes out of style, but it’s having a moment thanks to its exposure on many home and gardening shows. There’s a knack to getting it just right, since it’s all about a cohesive look that still comes off as casual, warm, and inviting. If the home renovation bug bites and you’re looking for the perfect farmhouse palette, call SmithPro Commercial Painting for an expert consultation and breathtaking results.


    What is Farmhouse Style?

    As Stillwater Architecture reminds us, the modern farmhouse look has deep historic roots. Large openings, covered porches, open kitchens, and plenty of whitewashed or exposed natural wood characterize the architecture. And since traditional farms were about work first, the homes were often no-frills affairs with spartan interiors, abundant use of shiplap, and a generally unfussy look. The modern incarnation largely stays true to that spirit, but each homeowner puts their own spin on this classic style, using design elements that range from rustic to shabby chic, boho to industrial-inspired.


    The Outdoor Farmhouse Palette

    Exterior painting for a classic farmhouse often means plain white or subtle off-whites. With that said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going against the grain. Naturally-inspired colors, including rich slate or pewter grays, sage, or beiges, can make for excellent primary colors, the better to give your white trim a bit of a pop. And speaking of pop, your door is also a great opportunity to add a splash of color and a bit of contrast. You’ll want to take architectural features into account, including shutters, windows, trim, and sidelights.


    The Indoor Farmhouse Palette

    Interior painting is where the real fun starts. Here again, white is traditional, with off-white walls and pure white or eggshell ceilings being a close second. However, there are literally no restrictions on what you can choose. Since the colors that are on-trend can change from year to year (certainly much more quickly than you’ll need us to return and repaint), it’s best to choose something you’ll be happy with for the long term, whether it’s a rich red for your home office, a muted blue for your guest bedroom, or something warm yet earthy for your master suite.


    The important thing is not to forget to have a little fun, and to remember that room color is about much more than walls and ceilings. For example, a large kitchen can benefit from the expansive look of pure white, especially if you have a tile backsplash, or if you have cabinets or appliances that you’re counting on to do your heavy lifting. Your living room or den, similarly, can benefit from a bold color choice. But there are many other possibilities, including an accent wall or trim color that complements an item you collect — a particular style of dishes, pottery, or ceramics — or that pulls out the color in a family heirloom that’s on prominent display.


    A Last Word on Color Choices

    One of the best things about the farmhouse style, as you’ve likely gathered by now, is its lack of hard-and-fast rules. Unlike a Georgian home, or a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Prairie Home, the modern farmhouse doesn’t have to be period-specific. It practically dares you to use your imagination. It rewards style and eclecticism in ways that many other home styles would not.

    Part of your initial consultation with SmithPro Commercial Painting will involve a walk-through that gives us an idea of your area, your natural light, the furniture and decor you’ve already chosen for your space, and any future plans you may have. Sometimes these elements will lend themselves to particular color choices; at other times, there’s a particular mood you may be looking to set from one room to the next. There’s a lot to think about, and we’re here to help you through the whole lot of it.

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