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Worn Out Workplace? Spiff it up with New Paint!

Spiff it up with New Paint
  • Spiff it up with New Paint. Few things are more depressing (for your employees and for your customers or clients) than a shabbily painted workplace. When the exterior or interior of your space is showing wear, it projects – even if it’s not true – that you don’t care about the working environment for your staff or the image you portray of your brand. A clean, new paint job can give your business an entirely new life. It improves aesthetics by giving your space a fresh look and covering up existing imperfections, and it can also improve the morale of your teams.

    The Effect of Working in a Rundown Environment

    A study conducted by Management Today magazine found that 97% of respondents consider their workplace a symbol of whether or not they’re valued by their employer. Further, more than 30% belonging to that same group said they felt embarrassed to bring clients back to their office.

    An uninspiring, bland, and dilapidated workplace won’t have the same impact on your employees as one that you keep polished and updated. After all, how can they be expected to remain motivated and productive if their work environment brings them way down? We previously wrote about the psychology of color in the office. Simply refreshing the exterior or interior of your workplace can help with raising enthusiasm, but the actual choice of paint color can also greatly improve or reduce the efficiency of your employees. So, it’s important that you create an environment where employees actually want to show up and do their best work, and not be a place they dread going to every day because the place is drab and dreary.

    Employee Engagement and Environment

    Why should you invest in creating work spaces that your employees actually want to show up to? The answer is pretty simple. Employee well-being is strongly correlated to employee productivity and performance, and even a minor shift in well-being can provide a dramatic impact on engagement.

    Employees who enjoy and appreciate the environments they are a part of will be more engaged, productive, happy, and healthy. Numerous indices and studies – such as Gensler’s Workplace IndexThe Leesman Index, Steelcase, and many, many others – have explored the relationship between the physical space and business performance metrics, productivity, and what employees value in great detail.

    From a monetary standpoint, Gallup’s 2017 “State of the American Workplace” found that employees who are actively disengaged are more likely to steal from their company, negatively influence their coworkers, miss work days and drive customers away. They estimate that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. an amazing $483 billion to $605 billion each year in lost productivity. So, it’s clearly apparent why you’d want to do everything in your power to help ensure that your employees enjoy their work environment and actually want to come to work.

    If it’s time to update your workplace, contact us for a free estimate. We’d be happy to take a look and make recommendations for improving your working environment!

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