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The Psychology of Color in the Workplace

Psychology of Color
  • Psychology of Color. Have you ever wondered whether the colors in the office space have an effect on productivity? Studies have shown that color can improve the moods of employees and customers, increasing productivity and boosting revenue.

    The Research Behind the Psychology of Color

    Nancy Kwallek, Ph.D., who’s been studying the psychological effects of color on office workers’ well-being, performance, and job satisfaction for more than 25 years, led a study that examined three colors to determine how they affected the productivity of office workers. She set up three offices in her lab and painted one bright red, another blue-green and a third white. Ninety people worked in the rooms on various clerical tasks.

    She scored the test subjects as “high screeners” (those who could block out their surroundings) or “low screeners” (those who had difficulty doing so). Workers who ignored their environment were more productive in rooms painted a bright color such as red. Low screeners, however, tended to feel overwhelmed in bright rooms and were more productive in blue-green environments, which they found relaxing.

    Interestingly, in the short term, all workers made more errors in the white room. Over time, however, an all-white environment tended not to affect work performance.

    The Power of Color

    Cool colors from nature, such as greens and blues, can boost productivity and concentration, while warm colors like yellow and orange can prompt creativity and energy. Vibrant colors such as red can inspire passion and increase physical activity.

    So which colors can be advantageous to your business, employees and customers, and which ones should you avoid? Let’s have a look:

    • White

    • As we mentioned above, white is probably not the best color to paint the office. White walls can project a sterile or clinical feeling, like being at the doctor’s office. It’s best to use white as an accent color only. 
    • Blue

      This color can have a calming effect on employees and aid in concentration, especially when workers are working on tasks that require intense attention to detail. Blue is great choice in an office where activities require concentration.

    • Yellow and Orange

      If you want to get the creative juices flowing, choose yellow or orange. These colors are linked to optimism, happiness, and excitement. Used in an office, these two colors can especially help inspire employees who work in creative fields.

    • Red

      Painting an office red can be a bold move, but pops of this vibrant color can energize employees, especially those whose tasks involve physical activity. Known to increase the heart rate and even produce a slight rise in blood pressure, red can help boost the body’s ability to complete physical tasks. Red is also very effective as a “call to action” to get customers’ attention for marketing messages.

    • Green

      This color is typically associated with nature and renewal. Painting the office in a soothing shade of green can help decrease anxiety and make people feel more relaxed and welcomed.

    Carefully Consider Color

    Take a look around your office. Are the walls bland and sterile rather than a space for productivity or creativity? If you think a change in paint color can help provide a boost to your workplace, contact us today. Whether your project requires a few months, a few days, or just a few hours, you can depend on us for high-quality workmanship, excellent service, and on-time delivery.


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