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Hiring a Painting Contractor

Hiring a Painting Contractor for Your Church or Religious Institution

  • Hiring a Painting Contractor. Even though SmithPro Commercial Painting is known throughout eastern Missouri and western Illinois for our residential and commercial painting work, we’re much more than that. We apply the lessons we’ve learned over many years to educational institutions and houses of worship as well, and have built trust through the quality of our work as well as the care with which we approach every project. If you’re in need of paint for anything from the smallest classroom…
    Benefits of Repainting Your Business

    3 Unexpected Benefits of Repainting Your Business

  • Benefits of Repainting Your Business. Running a business can feel like a juggling act. There’s a lot to keep in the air, and an awful lot that can go wrong. With so much on your plate, repainting might be the last thing on your mind. Stop and think about it, because a fresh coat of paint for your business — inside or out — does much more than beautify. The businesses served by SmithPro Commercial Painting have found some unexpected…
    Repaint the Exterior of My Business

    When Should I Repaint the Exterior of My Business?

  • Repaint the Exterior of My Business. Curb appeal isn’t just for homes. SmithPro Commercial Painting business owners also need to be vigilant about the aesthetic of their buildings and surrounding property. Potential customers will form a split-second first impression of your business based on intangibles like your merchandising, your signage, and even the condition your paint is in. Seconds count, so make sure you’re putting your best face forward. SmithPro Commercial Painting has many years of  experience helping businesses look…
    Avoiding Commercial Painting Scams

    Avoiding Commercial Painting Scams

  • Avoiding Commercial Painting Scams. Some scams are obvious enough that we see them coming from miles away. But other scams come from unexpected places, and SmithPro Commercial Painting has seen its fair share of commercial painting scams. Following these tips can help you keep from falling prey to a scam or an illegitimate contractor. Low Prices We’ll keep this part short and sweet: if a bid comes in significantly lower than what you’ve seen in your research and RFPs, that…
    Hiring a Commercial Painting Company

    What to Expect When Hiring a Commercial Painting Company

  • Hiring a Commercial Painting Company. For more than half a century, SmithPro Commercial Painting has played our own small part in making businesses, institutions, and landmarks in Missouri and Illinois more inviting. We’re lucky in that many business owners come to us realizing the benefits of hiring a commercial painting company. But what many of them aren’t sure of is what they should expect over the course of their commercial painting projects. Let’s take a peek under the tarp, shall…
    Costs of Commercial Painting

    Understanding the Costs of Commercial Painting

  • Costs of Commercial Painting. Many of the St. Louis area businesses served by SmithPro Commercial Painting don’t realize that there are a lot of factors that go into calculating the cost of commercial painting, so we’re taking some time to set the record straight. Surface Area Residential painting is straightforward; it’s usually a simple matter of calculating square footage, purchasing decent paint, and getting down to business. In commercial settings, not only are we often dealing with higher square footage, we’re…
    Spiff it up with New Paint

    Worn Out Workplace? Spiff it up with New Paint!

  • Spiff it up with New Paint. Few things are more depressing (for your employees and for your customers or clients) than a shabbily painted workplace. When the exterior or interior of your space is showing wear, it projects – even if it’s not true – that you don’t care about the working environment for your staff or the image you portray of your brand. A clean, new paint job can give your business an entirely new life. It improves aesthetics…
    Hiring a Painting Contractor

    Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring a Painting Contractor

  • Hiring a Painting Contractor. Painting your business is one of the quickest, most affordable ways to remodel. Many customers hire painting contractors to make sure the work gets done quickly and professionally, but here at SmithPro Commercial Painting, we strongly recommend vetting those contractors before hiring one. To do that, we recommend asking these seven essential questions before hiring any painting contractor: #1 Do you have liability and worker’s compensation insurance? Nobody wants a worker to get injured while painting, but…

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