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A Guide to Commercial Paint Colors

  • You know what they say about first impressions, right? There’s a reason why so many cliches exist about making them, and those old sayings are true especially when it comes to businesses, healthcare centers, educational facilities, religious buildings, and commercial properties with space to lease.  One way you can instantly make a great first impression? Choosing the right commercial paint colors, for both the exterior and interior of your building. Great paint on the outside brings people in with its…
    Paint Color That Will Draw the Eye

    How to Choose a Paint Color That Will Draw the Eye

  • Paint Color That Will Draw the Eye. White walls can be dull, boring, and uninspiring. If you want to incorporate color in commercial spaces, Paintsmiths of Missouri can help you get it right — but you should also be aware that there’s an art and science to using paint colors to draw the eye. Done right, your commercial paint can help you in ways you may not have realized; done wrong, it can actually work against you. Here are some…
    Perfect Farmhouse Palette

    Your Perfect Farmhouse Palette

  • Perfect Farmhouse Palette. Farmhouse style never quite goes out of style, but it’s having a moment thanks to its exposure on many home and gardening shows. There’s a knack to getting it just right, since it’s all about a cohesive look that still comes off as casual, warm, and inviting. If the home renovation bug bites and you’re looking for the perfect farmhouse palette, call SmithPro Commercial Painting for an expert consultation and breathtaking results. (more…)
    paint sample colors

    The Most Popular Paint Colors of 2019

  • Paint Colors of 2019. If you’re considering repainting your business, office space, or home, you’re probably agonizing over color choices. Which colors will be the most popular in 2019? SmithPro Commercial Painting takes a look at the big picture to help you choose the right hues now so there’ll be no blues later (unless, of course, blue is exactly what you wanted). (more…)
    Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger

    Using Light and Dark Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger

  • Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger. No matter how large your building or office space, it is by definition finite. As businesses grow or their missions evolve, it’s not uncommon even for larger spaces to feel as though they’ve been subdivided to oblivion. That can leave offices, waiting areas, and conference rooms feeling cramped. If you don’t have the option of moving to a larger space or knocking out a wall, might something as simple as paint colors be…
    Psychology of Color

    The Psychology of Color in the Workplace

  • Psychology of Color. Have you ever wondered whether the colors in the office space have an effect on productivity? Studies have shown that color can improve the moods of employees and customers, increasing productivity and boosting revenue. The Research Behind the Psychology of Color Nancy Kwallek, Ph.D., who’s been studying the psychological effects of color on office workers’ well-being, performance, and job satisfaction for more than 25 years, led a study that examined three colors to determine how they affected the…

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