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What’s a Wallcovering?

What's a Wallcovering
  • What’s in a name? SmithPro Commercial Painting does a lot that isn’t covered by the “paint” in our name, including plaster, staining, and glazing. One specialty service we provide that’s proven especially useful to a number of businesses in the St. Louis area is our range of wallcoverings. If you hear “wallcovering” and think it means decorative wallpaper, you should know that modern wallcoverings offer a lot more — style, durability, and speciality uses — than you probably realize. 


    Wallpaper vs Wallcovering

    First, let’s clear up a common misconception: beyond sharing the commonality that neither of them are paint, wallcoverings are not the same as wallpaper. The wallpaper you’re used to is thinner and typically of lower quality than the wallcoverings designed for commercial use.


    Wallcovering Materials

    Furthermore, wallcoverings are available in a much broader range of material, including not only heavy-duty paper, but also vinyl, fabric, acoustic material, foils, fabrics, and specialty coverings like Di-Noc by 3M. Your wallcovering may have the look of textiles or natural materials like wood, but your choices don’t stop there. We also offer mosaics, photographic overlays, and digital displays, and these material choices can be mixed and matched in a range of settings and applications.


    Uses for Wallcovering

    Wallcoverings can beautify, but they also protect in ways that even the highest-quality commercial paint cannot. That makes them ideal for apartments, hospitals, hotels, and other high-traffic areas where paint would show its age very quickly.


    To be clear, the wallcoverings, and uses, listed above barely scratch the surface of our capabilities or your choices. That range of options also means you can put our wallcoverings to practically any use you can imagine:


    • Menu boards for restaurants made of dry-erase material
    • Soundproofing for rehearsal spaces and recording studios
    • Decals and visuals that spruce up anything from your waiting room to a gym
    • Murals that communicate the history of your business or town, or that make your values clear to your clients
    • Simple textures that add character to a space, that soothe, or encourage creativity
    • And so much more — you’ll run out of ideas long before you run out of choices!


    How the Process Works

    Installing commercial wallcoverings follows a similar process to our commercial painting projects. It begins with an initial meeting during which we’ll evaluate your space, listen to your needs and goals, and consult on colors and materials. Shortly thereafter, we’ll provide you with a written quote. If you accept, we’ll schedule your job and get to work on everything that follows, from moving and securing furniture and valuables, to drywall repair, installation, cleanup, and a walkthrough to finalize the project.

    So if you’re looking for commercial wallcovering in St. Louis that’s designed and installed with creativity, care, and professionalism, schedule a consultation with SmithPro Commercial Painting.

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