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What to Expect When Hiring a Commercial Painting Company

Hiring a Commercial Painting Company
  • Hiring a Commercial Painting Company. For more than half a century, SmithPro Commercial Painting has played our own small part in making businesses, institutions, and landmarks in Missouri and Illinois more inviting. We’re lucky in that many business owners come to us realizing the benefits of hiring a commercial painting company. But what many of them aren’t sure of is what they should expect over the course of their commercial painting projects. Let’s take a peek under the tarp, shall we?


    Your project starts long before our painters lay down the first drop cloth or apply the first drop of paint. Whether it’s a simple exterior, or specialty interior painting for a school or hospital, our first goal is to understand your needs, the better to meet (or exceed) your expectations. We’ll explore and explain color and material choices, provide a competitive quote and timeline, and also use this time to let you know what you should expect, both from us and any logistical issues that could arise.


    Our people and their equipment make all the difference. We handle about 1,000 projects a year. Our union painters already come with an average of seven years’ experience each, and our workflow ensures they’re constantly adding to their repertoire. They’re equipped with lifts, scaffolding, HEPA filters, and dustless sanders; what’s more, we use zero VOC products.


    No matter how big your project may be, there’s plenty that you don’t want painted. Fixtures, furniture, sidewalks, pavement… the list goes on and on. We’re diligent about covering and protecting everything that ought not to be painted. That means we’ll also be moving furniture and valuables.

    Prep Work

    Odd as it may sound, painting is more than simply applying paint. Surface preparation is the foundation of our work, since it guarantees better results and a job that lasts.


    Besides your satisfaction, we have one other goal: aside from the new paint on your walls, we don’t want to leave a single trace of our presence behind. Everything will be returned just as it was before we arrived.

    Final Walkthrough

    It’s not over until you say it’s over. We’ll perform a final review and walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction.

    The Part You Play

    Even though we take every reasonable step to be as unobtrusive as we can, some disruption to your day-to-day routine is usually inevitable. To ensure that the process runs smoothly with the fewest possible headaches for all involved, we’re going to be enlisting your help. Your employees may need to use an alternate entrance or parking lot, or you may be ordering takeout for a couple of days while we work on your cafeteria’s new look.

    If you’re looking for a better painting experience, your painting contractor’s experience matters. Our five decades’ worth of service to residential and business customers in Missouri and Illinois makes SmithPro Commercial Painting the logical choice for your interior or exterior painting project. Getting started is simple. Just call (314) 429-6800 or contact us for a painting project consultation. 

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