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Understanding the Costs of Commercial Painting

Costs of Commercial Painting
  • Costs of Commercial Painting. Many of the St. Louis area businesses served by SmithPro Commercial Painting don’t realize that there are a lot of factors that go into calculating the cost of commercial painting, so we’re taking some time to set the record straight.

    Surface Area

    Residential painting is straightforward; it’s usually a simple matter of calculating square footage, purchasing decent paint, and getting down to business. In commercial settings, not only are we often dealing with higher square footage, we’re also dealing with a wider variety of surfaces that aren’t geometrically straightforward. We’re also sourcing finishes that can hold up to much higher traffic than your home will ever see. Quality comes with its own costs.

    Materials and Supplies

    The cost of paint is only one consideration. We’re frequently working around and among furnishings, store fixtures, glass, carpet, and a multitude of other surfaces that could be damaged or destroyed by paint. We take extra care to ensure that we’re not just beautifying your space, we’re protecting it.


    Of course, those thousands of square feet of paint won’t apply themselves. We employ a staff of highly-experienced union painters to ensure the quality of your finished project. It’s more expensive than sourcing inexperienced day labor from Craigslist, but our results speak for themselves, as our clients in education, hospitality, and many other commercial settings can attest to.

    Specialty Services

    SmithPro Commercial Painting offers a wide range of specialty painting services that can be incorporated into nearly any commercial painting project. From floor painting to cabinetry, glazing, staining, specialty finishes, and our in-house paint booth, we’re able to solve problems many of our competitors cannot. Be sure to present us with all your painting and finishing challenges, but be aware that some will require additional custom estimates.

    Collateral Costs

    A quality commercial painter expects to be held to a higher standard. There are costs of doing business, including licensing, various forms of insurance, and bonding, that make up a small portion of our cost calculations.

    A Word About Contracts

    SmithPro Commercial Painting, like any good commercial painting contractor, will present you with a contract before work starts. It’s for your protection as well as ours. After all, it spells out our obligations and responsibilities to you as our valued customer. We’ll be happy to explain any of the contract verbiage to you if you’re unsure about it.

    What You Get in Return

    When you’re getting an estimate for commercial painting, it helps to look at the big picture. We’re providing much more than paint and labor, after all. The work we do is a significant part of the public face of your business, indoors and out. We also have decades’ worth of experience in what makes for effective and inviting public spaces, and we know the products with which we work so we can deliver results that last in high-volume and high-demand areas.

    Whether you’re building out a brand-new commercial space or sprucing up your existing place of business, contact SmithPro Commercial Painting. We’ll be happy to consult on your project, offering cost-effective and durable solutions drawn from our many years’ worth of experience serving business owners in Missouri and Illinois.


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