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Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring a Painting Contractor

Hiring a Painting Contractor
  • Hiring a Painting Contractor. Painting your business is one of the quickest, most affordable ways to remodel. Many customers hire painting contractors to make sure the work gets done quickly and professionally, but here at SmithPro Commercial Painting, we strongly recommend vetting those contractors before hiring one.

    To do that, we recommend asking these seven essential questions before hiring any painting contractor:

    #1 Do you have liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

    Nobody wants a worker to get injured while painting, but there are some hazards that come with these types of jobs. Not only that, but should a painter accidentally spill paint on the carpet or furniture, your contractor should be properly insured to cover the damage. Ask specifically about comprehensive business liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance, and get proof that these policies are in place before they start a job. Do not work with a contractor that is not properly insured.

    #2 Who will be doing the work, your employees or subcontractors?

    Employers can only vouch for people that they know personally, which is why actual employees tend to be better than subcontractors. The latter are hired on at the cheapest prices possible so the business owner can bank the biggest profit from the job, so try to hire a contractor that has their employees do the work rather than re-hiring it back out.

    #3 What kind of paint will you be using?

    Not all paints are created equal, so do some research into the quality of the product the contractor will be using on the job.

    #4 What training do the painters have?

    Anybody that has tried to paint on their own knows that mistakes happen in large part because most people aren’t professionals. Proper training reduces mistakes and ensures that the paint work is consistent on every wall in your business. Better training means better work, so it’s fair to ask what kind of training the workers may have.

    #5 Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau and/or trade associations?

    Credible businesses are part of the BBB or a local trade association. It is hard to trust a contractor that wants no part of either of these organizations.

    #6 May I see an extensive list of references?

    Do not accept just one or two references; rather, ask for an extensive list that allows you pick any two or three at random. Bigger lists suggest the painting contractor has done more jobs for happy customers. Seeing that rather than just one or two hand-picked references is among the safest ways to vet a contractor before they get started working.

    #7 What warranties do you include with this work?

    While the paint itself will come with warranties, the years on those warranties will vary. Good contractors also provide warranties on labor. One-year warranties are common, and two-year and three-year warranties are appropriate, as well. Always get them in writing, though, and rest easy knowing that the contractor stands behind his work.

    At SmithPro Commercial Painting, we stand behind our work. Contact us today to see why you should work with us!

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