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Painting Tips for Commercial Buildings

Painting Tips for Commercial Buildings
  • Painting Tips for Commercial Buildings. Commercial building maintenance involves plenty of moving parts, both inside and out — and that includes maintaining the building’s appearance. Curb appeal is key to supporting your business reputation and that’s even more important on the interior, where customers will be making purchases. If walls are dingy, paint is chipped or peeling, or the overall look is bland, customers may decide to go elsewhere.

    Benefits of painting your commercial building

    One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to address a building’s appearance is investing in an updated exterior and interior paint job. Not only is a new commercial paint job a great investment, but you can also increase the value of your property and even help attract tenants to a vacant rental. Also remember that we live in a digital-forward world, and buildings that look great in online listings will get far more attention.

    What’s the ROI of painting your commercial building?

    While commercial painting does require an upfront investment, it can provide a serious return over the long run. Compared to many renovations or retrofits, new commercial paint can be an affordable and easy option to help improve the look of your building. Certain types of paint and coatings can also reduce the maintenance costs of commercial building — something else that will help save your business money.

    Build your reputation as a landlord

    What kind of landlord do you want to be? If potential tenants are touring your property, you’ll want them to see that the building is well-maintained and looks nice. A fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior gives off the impression that you keep your property in good shape. Regular commercial paint upgrades also show current tenants that you care about keeping them in your building, boosting retention and your rental income. Imagine the money you’d lose if tenants moved out because of the poor condition of your building!

    Watch your online presence

    In this day and age, many customers go online to learn more about your business. Photos of your facility can pop up in search results or your website, and first impressions last a long time. A new paint job ensures that these pictures stand out from the competition. Likewise, reputation management is a large part of digital marketing strategies, and online reviews about the upkeep and appearance of your commercial property can go a long way in helping customers decide to choose you over other buildings or businesses.

    Making the most of your commercial painting project

    Keeping all of these benefits in mind, the next step is knowing how to make the most of your commercial paint upgrade. Bottom line? It needs to look clean and professional, be easy to maintain, and ultimately show off your building in the best way possible. Color and finish choice, proper prep and cleaning, a good contractor, and precision planning are all key to getting the job done on time and on budget.

    • Pick a palette: Just because certain colors are trending, doesn’t mean they’ll be right for your business. Think about your neighbors, any local regulations, and your overall business branding when choosing a color. Finishes vary as well, so choose one that’s easy for you to maintain.
    • Prep and cleaning: Don’t overlook the importance of cleaning and prepping your building before painting. Dust and dirt needs to be removed from the surfaces being painted, which will allow a professional commercial painting contractor to perform a precise job.
    • Hire the right contractor: We go in-depth in this article on the best practices for choosing a commercial painting contractor, but experience, communication, and licensing/certification are the most important factors when making your choice.
    • Know your budget, have a plan: A clear timeline with financial stipulations will help your contractor stay on track and keep your investment on budget. If you’re not sure how to go about planning this project, call in your contractor for some advice.

    Although commercial paint projects can be big upgrades, ultimately your business could lose money if you choose to put them off. If your building is uninviting, unmaintained, or just plain ugly, customers and tenants alike will go elsewhere. The right planning and contractor will help make your commercial painting job go smoothly.

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