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How New Paint Can Benefit Your Business

  • New Paint Can Benefit Your Business

    New Paint Can Benefit Your Business. Although many building owners and facility managers put off a new commercial paint job, that could be a big mistake. While the upfront cost of commercial painting may keep decision-makers on the fence, there’s a huge return on investment and a long list of benefits. Below we outline a handful of ways new paint can help.


    Even if you think the paint on the outside and inside of your building looks “okay,” refreshing the paint every few years will help maintain value and could even increase it. A paint job performed by a professional can instantly boost the appearance of your commercial building, but it can also make it easier for you to sell the property or even help build collateral. Think about this: If you have two of the same buildings right next to each other, which one will sell first? Of course, it will be the one that looks better maintained and has fresh paint.


    Commercial painting can also reduce the overall cost of preventive maintenance. Regardless of the quality or brand, paint will inevitably deteriorate over time. If you notice color or gloss fading or cracking, peeling, and chipping, it’s time to call in the paint pros. When you don’t tackle these issues right away, your building’s appearance and condition could become a big (costly!) headache.


    You’ve worked hard to create a reputation and brand that helps you stand out from the competition. Keep that brand top of mind by investing in regular, high-quality commercial paint jobs. Your tenants will appreciate it, and the employees in your commercial office building will see a boost in morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. One caveat — don’t overlook the impact of color psychology! If you’re having a hard time choosing a palette, our commercial paint experts can help.


    Depending on your industry and how your commercial building is being used, you may need a commercial paint job to keep your building and your business in compliance. New paint may also be needed to keep employees safe within warehouses; think about striping lines that offer a clear path for equipment or workers to travel within your building.


    What happens when you can’t fill vacancies in your commercial building? When you lose valuable lease or rental income, or your old paint job runs potential customers off, you could also stop cash from flowing into your growing business. New paint makes your building more attractive and can even help you raise the rent based on the increased value that’s a result of a new paint job.


    It’s not enough to get customers or tenants in your commercial business — you have to keep them loyal. Choosing to go with a new commercial paint job lets everyone know that you’re committed to top-tier building management. Clean, well-maintained buildings are a direct reflection of the people who own and manage them. Send the right message; don’t skip out on giving your building the makeover it deserves.


    The longer your commercial building is around, the more money you’re able to make from it. Regular repainting protects not only the commercial paint job but also the rest of the building from UV rays, harsh weather, water damage, and mold and mildew, which in turn helps your building last longer and provides a safer environment for tenants and customers.

    Ready to see how a new paint job can boost the value of your commercial building? Even if you’re not seeing the common signs (peeling, fading, cracking, loss of foot traffic) it may be time to call in the pros. Only a professional commercial painting contractor can truly assess the scope and details of a new paint job for your building. New Paint Can Benefit Your Business.

    From large buildings to small offices, we have the team and experience to complete your project quickly, efficiently and on budget. We’ve painted everything from operating rooms to Union Station as well as just about everything in between. Our team will come in and get it done quickly and leave nothing but the paint on the walls — get in touch with our experienced painters today!

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