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Best Practices for Painting a Brewery

  • Painting a Brewery. Craft beer breweries are having a moment here in St. Louis as well as all over the country, and while many people think first about hops and sessions and stouts when they hear the word “brewery,” we think about flooring, painting, and hiring the right team to get the job done.

    Brewery owners and managers know first-hand the amount of work it takes to keep day-to-day operations going and the regulations that need to be followed to keep things up and running. The first and biggest priority is safety for both employees and customers, and the right painting and floor surfaces can go a long way in helping support that safety.



    How to prepare for a brewery paint job

    First, and most importantly, you need to establish a budget and a timeline. If your brewery is already open, it could add considerable work for commercial painters. Take a close look at the areas where you need paint; is it really “everywhere” or just some spots that need attention?

    After you’ve crunched the numbers, it’s time to create a schedule. When your business is closed, whether for painting or other reasons, you’re not making money — that’s important to remember when finding ways for commercial painters to get the job done with limited or no downtime.

    Before you call in the painters, though, cleaning and prep of the facility are crucial to help them effectively do their jobs. Make it easy to access the areas that need painting and provide your own labor if need be.


    Hiring the right commercial painters

    Just like with any decision you make about your brewery, this is an important one that will offer serious ROI with the right approach. Make sure to ask and answer these questions.

    • How will you protect my equipment? Find out what contractors will do to ensure that your brewery equipment stays safe during the painting process.
    • What paint options do you offer? Not all paints and methods are right for all spaces, and it’s important to know about the options that are best for your brewery.
    • Do you offer a warranty? With an investment like commercial painting, you want to make sure the work is backed up by a team that will fix anything that should arise after the job’s done.
    • Will you be available when I need you? Stuff happens and it’s important your contractor responds in a timely manner to keep your project on schedule.

    Beyond this list, you also need to ask about background checks, insurance, and even references from other breweries.

    Don’t forget your brewery floors

    Did you know that beer can actually eat through concrete? Like other large-scale food service facilities, brewery floors need to be up to regulations for both safety and infection control. Antimicrobial and anti-slip paint can be used around tanks and brewing systems, keeping things cleaner, more hygienic, and overall safer for everyone.

    When you choose a commercial painter for your brewery, it’s a smart idea to ask about floor coating and painting options as well. These teams are well-versed in what choices are available and having floors coated or painted at the same time as the walls can drastically cut back on downtime for your brewery.

    If your brewery is smelling a little like a skunk, peeling or cracking, or getting harder to keep clean, it may be time for a recoat. Ask painters to give their professional insight when they offer bids for the project. Don’t overlook the importance of floor markings either; they offer employees a clear path around potentially dangerous equipment.


    Make the brewery front-of-house flashy

    If you have a taproom or bar area where customers can sit and enjoy your brews, the atmosphere is important! With the growing number of breweries everywhere, yours needs to stand out from the rest from the very first impression.

    New interior paint can help define your brewing style and brand, along with providing a backdrop for any decor you choose. Consider a custom wallcovering designed by a local artist and installed by pros to really showcase your role in a growing craft beer community.

    Floor coatings are important here, too. Spills happen all the time at breweries (recreational hazard!) and the right flooring can keep everyone safe and protect your business from serious liability. It can also prevent bacterial growth to keep everyone healthy.

    At PaintSmiths, we have a dedicated team of commercial painting pros that you can trust to make your brewery safe for employees and welcoming for customers. Get in touch today — let’s start working together to transform your brewery!

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