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How New Paint Can Benefit Your Business

  • New Paint Can Benefit Your Business New Paint Can Benefit Your Business. Although many building owners and facility managers put off a new commercial paint job, that could be a big mistake. While the upfront cost of commercial painting may keep decision-makers on the fence, there’s a huge return on investment and a long list of benefits. Below we outline a handful of ways new paint can help. Value Even if you think the paint on the outside and inside…

    Choosing The Right Office Paint Color

  • The Right Office Paint Color. While choosing home interior paint colors might be a matter of taste and preference, what works in your living room may not be the best choice for a commercial office setting. Color in the workplace space can go much further than offering a certain aesthetic; some shades may actually help boost employee productivity or worse, increase their anxiety. The easiest choice to make when faced with a range of paint color options is white paint,…
    Painting Tips for Commercial Buildings

    Painting Tips for Commercial Buildings

  • Painting Tips for Commercial Buildings. Commercial building maintenance involves plenty of moving parts, both inside and out — and that includes maintaining the building’s appearance. Curb appeal is key to supporting your business reputation and that’s even more important on the interior, where customers will be making purchases. If walls are dingy, paint is chipped or peeling, or the overall look is bland, customers may decide to go elsewhere. Benefits of painting your commercial building One of the easiest and…
    Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor

    Tips For Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor

  • Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor. When it comes to your next commercial painting project, it’s a smart move to hire a contractor. They offer industry expertise that can help get your next painting project done on time and on budget, but it’s not always easy to know which choice is the right one — especially with so many options here in the St. Louis area. Because not all commercial paint contractors are created equal, it’s important to consider some factors…

    Best Practices for Painting a Brewery

  • Painting a Brewery. Craft beer breweries are having a moment here in St. Louis as well as all over the country, and while many people think first about hops and sessions and stouts when they hear the word “brewery,” we think about flooring, painting, and hiring the right team to get the job done. Brewery owners and managers know first-hand the amount of work it takes to keep day-to-day operations going and the regulations that need to be followed to…
    Paint Color That Will Draw the Eye

    How to Choose a Paint Color That Will Draw the Eye

  • Paint Color That Will Draw the Eye. White walls can be dull, boring, and uninspiring. If you want to incorporate color in commercial spaces, Paintsmiths of Missouri can help you get it right — but you should also be aware that there’s an art and science to using paint colors to draw the eye. Done right, your commercial paint can help you in ways you may not have realized; done wrong, it can actually work against you. Here are some…

    Why You Should Hire a Professional Commercial Painter

  • Hire a Professional Commercial Painter. Are you a business owner or property manager? If so, you know that maintaining your property is important. It can also be expensive, so you may consider tackling some of it yourself, or hiring a friend or family member to do it. You may want to think twice before doing that, especially with painting. Okay, so you’ve done some painting on your home. Maybe you painted the kitchen or bathroom and feel you’ve done a…
    What's a Wallcovering

    What’s a Wallcovering?

  • What’s in a name? SmithPro Commercial Painting does a lot that isn’t covered by the “paint” in our name, including plaster, staining, and glazing. One specialty service we provide that’s proven especially useful to a number of businesses in the St. Louis area is our range of wallcoverings. If you hear “wallcovering” and think it means decorative wallpaper, you should know that modern wallcoverings offer a lot more — style, durability, and speciality uses — than you probably realize.  (more…)
    Perfect Farmhouse Palette

    Your Perfect Farmhouse Palette

  • Perfect Farmhouse Palette. Farmhouse style never quite goes out of style, but it’s having a moment thanks to its exposure on many home and gardening shows. There’s a knack to getting it just right, since it’s all about a cohesive look that still comes off as casual, warm, and inviting. If the home renovation bug bites and you’re looking for the perfect farmhouse palette, call SmithPro Commercial Painting for an expert consultation and breathtaking results. (more…)
    Painting a Creative Work Space

    5 Tips for Painting a Creative Work Space

  • Painting a Creative Work Space. SmithPro Commercial Painting provides commercial painting services in Missouri across a diverse range of businesses and nonprofits. Our work spans the gamut of hospitals and educational institutions, buttoned-down offices, and — when we’re lucky — creative work spaces like agencies, artists’ lofts, and photographers’ studios. If your business is on the creative side of the spectrum, or if you go against the flow of a more conservative industry, here are some tips for maximizing your…

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